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The Northumberland County Voter Registration/ Elections Office is located at 45 Back Street, Heathsville, Va. 

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The Northumberland County Electoral Board and General Registrar will participate in a state-wide Risk Limiting Audit of the November 2020 Presidential and Senatorial elections on Friday, February 26, 10:00 AM in the Circuit Court Courtroom, Northumberland County Courts Building, 220 Judicial Place, Heathsville.


This audit is open to the public.


Please note this is not a recount of ballots.  Instead, a statistical model is used to determine the number of ballots to be tallied in each locality with the number of ballots reviewed in each locality depending on that locality's percentage of the overall ballots cast in the state.  The Virginia Department of Elections will inform the Electoral Board and General Registrar if they need to retrieve ballots and how many ballots to retrieve; those ballots will then be tallied and the results provided to the State.  If Northumberland is NOT chosen to retrieve ballots, the audit will not be held locally.


This is a link to the Department of Election announcement of the Risk Limiting Audit:


If you attend, you must  follow current COVID restrictions:  wear a mask and maintain proper distance from others.


If you have questions, please contact the Northumberland County Electoral Board at 804-580-4655.

polling places:

Election District
Polling Place
Election District 1
Precinct A
Callao Volunteer Fire Department
314 Northumberland Hwy., Callao
Election District 2
Precinct A
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church,
6807 Northumberland Hwy., Heathsville
Election District 3
Precinct A
Fairfields United Methodist Church
147141 Northumberland Hwy.
Burgess, VA 22432
Election District 4
Precinct A
Wicomico Parish Church,
5191 Jessie Dupont Mem. Hwy., Wicomico Church
Election District 5
Precinct A
Fairfields Volunteer Fire Department,
119 Main Street, Reedville
Centralized Absentee
Former Heathsville Animal Hospital
45 Back Street,

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