Office of the Electoral Board and General Registrar

The Northumberland County Voter Registration/ Elections Office is located at 45 Back Street, Heathsville, Va. 

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Public Notice Advertisement (General and Special Elections)

Northumberland County residents are reminded that the Offices of the Electoral Board and General Registrar will be moving to 45 Back Street, Heathsville, VA  the former Heathsville Animal Hospital.

Special Election Orders:
Order 1

Order 2

Officers of Election Needed

The Northumberland County Electoral Board is seeking county residents who are interested in working at county polling places on Election Day.

There are about 50 residents currently serving as Officers of Election throughout the county. Electoral Board members recently noted more Officers of Election are needed, and reserve officers who may be called on short notice in case of emergency are in short supply. Officers are appointed for a term of one to two years, but many times continue to serve for many years. When appointed, each officer takes an oath of office to impartially carry out the duties as an officer of election. The Electoral Board conducts training sessions usually a week or two prior to Election Day, which all officers are required to attend.

Citizens who wish to serve must be registered to vote in Northumberland County, and cannot hold any elected office or be the deputy of any elected government official.

Officers are compensated for Election Day.

Please help us to serve the voters of Northumberland County. Individuals who are interested in serving should contact the Northumberland County Electoral Board by phone at 804-580-4655, by email at


 Northumberland County will be holding Special Elections on November 3, 2020 to fill vacancies for School Board Members in Districts 2 & 3. Virginia State Election Laws dictate that the deadline for each candidate to file all required forms and petitions is August 14 at 5:00 PM. Persons interested in seeking election to these seats should download the required forms and instructions at Candidate packages are also available at the Northumberland County Electoral Board Office located at the address below. Please call ahead for an appointment.  The Northumberland County Electoral Board reminds potential candidates who are required to obtain signatures to have their names placed on the ballot that if petitions are filed on or near the deadline, and are found to have insufficient verified signatures after verification, there is no extended deadline to collect additional signatures after August 14, 2020.

Northumberland County Electoral Board

James R. Hundley, DVM, Memorial Building

45 Back Street

PO Box 84

Heathsville, VA 22473


polling places:

Election District
Polling Place
Election District 1
Precinct A
Callao Volunteer Fire Department
314 Northumberland Hwy., Callao
Election District 2
Precinct A
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church,
6807 Northumberland Hwy., Heathsville
Election District 3
Precinct A
Fairfields United Methodist Church
147141 Northumberland Hwy.
Burgess, VA 22432
Election District 4
Precinct A
Wicomico Parish Church,
5191 Jessie Dupont Mem. Hwy., Wicomico Church
Election District 5
Precinct A
Fairfields Volunteer Fire Department,
119 Main Street, Reedville
Centralized Absentee
Former Heathsville Animal Hospital
45 Back Street,

  • Northumberland County     •     P.O. Box 129     •     72 Monument Place     •     Heathsville, VA  22473